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Dr. Fricke is a Libertarian party member running for the U.S. Congress in Ohio District 13.  He wants to create legislation allowing individual Governors to only deploy Army and Air National Guard men and women with a Congressional declaration of war.  Additionally, Dr. Fricke wants criminal justice reform and that starts with the “War on Drugs.”  He wants to finally decriminalize marijuana at a national level and supports freeing all persons convicted of victimless crimes.  He is against government involvement in defining, licensing, or restricting personal relationships, and Fricke opposes government censorship, regulation or control of communication, social media and technology and strongly support an individual's right to bear arms. Dr. Fricke believes civil asset forfeiture violates the right to due process and property rights. Regarding education, he supports free-market solutions and parental choice.

Fricke is a senior scientist with almost 20 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry is currently working with the leading candidate for a COVID-19 therapy after conducting the analytical development.  Fricke has traveled to Europe to present past research 8 times, Jordan, and throughout the United States for his profession, and has been published over 10 times for his research.  

He graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1997, again with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, before attending University of Cincinnati to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry.  Dr. Fricke is the Akron Chair of the American Chemical Society, was an OAK Ridge Fellow, visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia, and a member of the Chi Phi fraternity.

Dr. Fricke was born in Cincinnati in 1974 and after traveling the world and the United States for his work in pharmaceuticals, he settled in northeast Ohio in 2010, and eventually Twin Lakes in 2016 with his wife Bettina and two children.

Fricke is a man of many passions and loves to explore the world around him.  Throughout his life he has learning to play the bass and piano, taught the blind, created and sold a business, invented the “Frickey”, built pharmaceutical labs, toured with Phish, and been a baseball umpire for almost 2 decades.

Dr. Fricke wants to represent you as an individual and maximize your personal freedoms.